Joining condition
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1, with more than one year sales experience in industry, with strong economic strength, willing to visit to the company.
2, has a good business ethics and team spirit, dare to open up the market, not afraid of the hard spirit of the fight.
3, full of entrepreneurial passion, with a forward-looking vision and advance awareness.
4, identity "Bonuojia" ecological brand enterprise culture, business philosophy, abide by "Bonuojia" provisions on the administration and supervision of market.
5, first built on monopoly area: kind of not less than 8 sets of doors, to complete the annual sales task, can enjoy the incentive policy of the company.
6, stores: stores in the area of more than 80 square must show "Bonuojia products, may not display any other similar products or products of other industries, to implement the national uniform price, uniform store sales