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    Foshan City Nanhai Sheng factory production of Timon Bonuojia ecological door adhere to the "quality, fashion, environmental protection, art" as the principle, based on the character of the claims, cater to people of harmony, visual aesthetic pursuit of taste, highlighting the stars of nobleness and luxury, let you enjoy the meticulous classic design, feel the wisdom and strength of the double Charm

   "Bonuojia" ecological door in the material selection of aviation aluminum magnesium alloy titanium and space surface treatment process, in the design with the famous Italian design company cooperation. The pursuit of simplicity and fashion design style, the classical luxury beauty fusion to the modern fashion personality, deduce a fresh, natural, simple, stylish, elegant new style. Strive to exciting cultural elements in the interior quality of products, and through the new connotation of "Bonuojia" brand a taste of home products. This is Bonuojia: a out of the ordinary world! Always convey a living culture to the community as a corporate responsibility.

    Create a strong brand of eco door, leading the industry fashion trend is our forward direction. Let us work together for a better future!