Enterprise advantage
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Production link
(a), technical excellent
1 years of production experience and improve the training system, to cultivate a number of high-quality staff; years of technological innovation, summed up a set of perfect production process.
2 to produce the whole production process, with rich experience in production.
3 there are products for each product packaging program and the workers instill standards of operational guidance, the quality of the products are clearly standards.
(two) quality inspection and guarantee
1 to improve the product quality standard manual, inspection system and improve the work instruction, for product production inspection to provide good software.
2 to achieve the product from the raw material, strictly control the quality of the foundation for each product, every process are strictly, with professional quality inspection
Personnel, and each staff training strictly, so that everyone self-test, so that the product is perfect.
3 the emphasis on the quality of the quality inspection does not manufacture the unqualified goods, the unqualified goods not after the flow, does not accept the unqualified product consciousness, the strict request standard.