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The door lock will create customized customized

2017-05-01 Source::

Door lock is the basic safety anti-theft products, this year, with the development of information technology, improve safety awareness, and changes in the lawless elements of society means, to lock safety requirements are also getting higher and higher, the drawbacks of the traditional locks continue to appear, and new technology development and application of always takes time to test, lock industry continues to introduce new.
Digital fingerprint lock technology short board
You lock the product itself, our locks on the market are mostly mechanical lock and ball lock. The lock has the advantages of simple production technology, as long as the genuine, strictly control the various manufacturing sectors, and generally do not appear quality problem. But these two locks are not high-tech products, the lower technology, the upgrading of the difficulty of the larger. Therefore, the domestic lock industry after nearly twenty years of development, still no breakthrough.
The product function is always located in practical and safe anti-theft function.. The best efforts that the enterprise can do is to control the quality of the product, the appearance of the new style. It is no exaggeration, technical content is low caused by mortise lock and ball lock the deficiencies become a short board of the lock industry development.
However, the electronic fingerprint lock so that the advent of the hardware lock industry has changed greatly. With the development of smart security technology and the wide application of chip, electronic fingerprint lock is developed quickly.. At present, some big brands such as huitailong, paramount, noble and cherry enterprises have developed intelligent electronic fingerprint lock. Pu Xin hardware is also actively developing digital smart lock products, has invested a lot of money and manpower, also specially set up a production workshop. Total Miao said, intelligent electronic fingerprint lock may be lock industry last piece of "blue ocean", the market space is still very great, relatively high profit and after-sales services to bring the profit is great, it is worth lock enterprises to pay.
The development trend of window lock industry obviously
Digital fingerprint lock for introduction of the lockset technical short board, to lock industry has brought great development, and an enterprise to survive, in terms of products must be walking on two legs, one is to have high added value products, it can bring more profit for the enterprise; the second is to take the volume of products, this product only need to earn a small profit to cause consumer attention, improve the brand and corporate influence. Two are indispensable. For lock enterprises, the ball lock can be used to go, while the core lock and electronic lock can get more profits.
It is predicted that the next 5 years, demand for high-end locks in China will exceed $10000000000. Therefore, the lock enterprises should practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, continue to develop high technology content, high added value of new products, greatly enhance the product quality based on, enhance brand awareness. East Branch hardware to the market downturn of the tight encirclement, increase strength of product research and development, the recent launch of the quad "Chinese rhyme" series of products are superior in quality, unique design, is designed for high-end foreign enterprises to create products, very popular with the market, the realization of the "high-end door with high end lock the target. From the current point of view, more and more doors enterprises will choose to have the strength, product quality and security of the well-known brands lock enterprises cooperation. The high-end doors enterprises need to lock products should possess not only practical, but also have a certain artistic value. Therefore, the lock prices must work in product design, increase research and development efforts, production of personalized products to achieve product differentiation, to attract the attention of the door enterprises.
The door lock will create customized customized
Door lock, door lock, door lock and door lock are inseparable.. At present, there is a great development to the door and window locks in the market, and mainly in the industry driven lock Market steadily. At present, due to China's construction it is not uniform size, the doors and windows industry still mainly customized. The door of customized production will create customized hardware lock industry. Since the doors and windows, furniture, wardrobe, cabinets and other household items can be customized, then lock products are customized production is entirely possible. Because the door tying trends are becoming evident, consumers tend to buy more of the products have been equipped with locks.
Future, lock industry customized may occur in two situations: one is locks a door of enterprises a supporting production workshop; another, a design company received orders, arrange door enterprises and lock enterprises in accordance with the requirements of orders for production, but of a door and a lock brands have design company. At present, there are already door enterprises in the first attempt. With the arrival of the peak of the lock industry reshuffle, some small and micro enterprises lock will be eliminated. After the pains, tenacious enterprise competitiveness, but also more strength for customized production. The future, high brand awareness, with a certain scale enterprises and the lock companies will usher in cooperation in the new situation, lock customized production will also usher in a new "blue ocean".
The door lock enterprises emphasize personalized enterprise cooperation
As is known to all, lock industry scale development although earlier than the door, but the door after ten years of rapid development, the scale of the industry is far beyond the lock industry. Now, the door lock development has become the industry leader. Often after a new door lock enterprise will come out, according to the product design and production matching door lock. Many European style locks on the market are designed according to the concept of high-end European wood production.
At present, in the cooperation between the door enterprises and the lock enterprises, door factory occupy the leading position. In most cases, enterprises seek cooperation to lock the door enterprises, there are very few active cooperation with the factory door factory.