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In the design of door in the development of important geometric?

2017-05-01 Source::

Along with the home life element vogue, the quality demand enhancement, the consumer to the product design level the request is getting higher and higher. This design is the embodiment of the home taste, the product of the master's life concept, and the masterpiece of the upgrading of consumption concept.. Design, in the gradually becoming the driving force of consumption, improve sales weapon. Cater to the market, meet consumer demand, improve the design ability to bear the brunt.
Customized and mass due to the industry does not have uniform doors industry standards, wood doors enterprises into the modern industry production lags, the standard is stuck. The lack of industry standards makes products difficult for consumers to distinguish the brand uneven, some good and some bad, difference. So customized route become popular. This is to meet the consumer's personalized needs, but also to design the exclusive door for each consumer. But in another aspect, the customization has made the door enterprise unable to move to the world. Industry standards lag, to a large extent, hinder the wooden doors of large-scale investment and mass production, the market space can not be more open up, so difficult to the international market. Product innovation and service promotion is the source of the development of power, as the brand is growing, the competition is growing, consumers will choose the space will become increasingly large. Consumer awareness level, the aesthetic standards of continuous improvement, home door enterprises in the market product design must be more suited to consumer demand, in order to better based on the market place of competition.
Who can grasp the product upgrade the highland, who will be able to lead the way, becoming the leader in the industry.
Doors and windows of industrial design innovation and development, is implemented for the specific content of standard patent, brand creation, is an important carrier of property strategy is to accelerate our doors and windows industry changes from "made in China" to "China to create a" new engine of the jump. Doors and windows industry must accelerate the pace of industrial design innovation, so that the top, high - point products, so that China's door factory moved China, affecting the world. Product innovation and service promotion is the driving force of the development of enterprises' access to accelerate development. Door and window design is becoming more and more personal and artistic engaged in wood products design have been years of designer Lee believes, "throughout wooden door market in recent years can found low carbon wooden products become the mainstream market trend, with rapid development of wooden door market next door design design concept and will play more and more important role in the development of the wooden doors. Next year will follow the trend of the development of wooden doors, will be low-carbon, human, personalized interpretation of the most vividly." With the rapid development of industry and product into the furniture market, although the design concept has not been accepted by most enterprises, product design has been repeatedly copied, but current door and window decoration also gradually by the attention of consumers and the general public, the design of doors and windows also is becoming more and more personalized and art.