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Wood industry is facing big market and small brand contradictions

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It is understood that, such as the composite door process composite and composite materials. Scaffolding material is concerned, different wood species non is difficult to distinguish between the "experts"; and for the process, the wooden doors inside is multi-layer solid wood or solid wood grid, or keel, from the appearance of simply can not see. In addition, the difference is also a skin paste is a reason for the spread.
According to industry estimates, the country has more than 1 million square meters of doors potential market. Huge market demand driven supply, wood production companies such as rapid growth, product variety, the market brand dazzling.
Chaos door market price
The author along Zhengbian Road Phoenix building materials stores along the way, the shop is bristly, many businesses run wood door, sliding door, folding door, different kinds of interior door. According to statistics, in 2007, the doors occupy the entire industry market 50%, second is used as the metal door of the burglarproof door, accounted for nearly 20%. According to the Phoenix name and building materials home market operations director Qiao Dong, Zhengzhou city industry market businesses have hundreds, 60% ~ 70% concentrated in Zhengbian road in the vicinity of the door supermarkets, involving more than 50 brands. In a franchise door of the shop, I saw a door Matsuki Miki, marked special 190 yuan ".
Is phoenix door store to buy interior doors, Ms. Zhang said: "how to choose? Watching the election chant, look at the label, compare the prices, ask store sales staff, professional identification methods really do not know." The author looked intently at the store price tag, mostly only prices and materials, less on some brand can provide samples of the wooden doors of the profile, and when I asked about the formaldehyde content, plywood and so on, sales personnel are unable to provide the exact answer is "absolute environmental protection, rest assured," answer. A personage inside course of study analysis the quality and price of the door with the selected wood species relationship is very large, the surface of the work to see no difference. Some of the lowest wooden doors in the actual use of the process may be riddled with problems.
Wood industry is facing big market and small brand contradictions
China is the world's largest wood door manufacturing center, but also the largest wood door consumer market. 2007 statistics show that the gross wood industry value reached 40000000000 yuan, while the total production of more than 100000000 yuan of enterprises are few. From the data point of view, wood industry rapid development, a huge market cake is a large number of business points of food. Insiders said, although it is now on the market sell many of the door, but the industry market is not mature, "on the one hand, the performance in the doors of consumer brand awareness is not strong, on the other hand performance in the doors of the market is not standardized." A decoration company's designer says.
The product was mixed according to understanding, from August 1, 2006 onwards, the state has formally implemented the "China wood door industry standard". Standard requirements, wooden door production enterprises should be marked product specifications, production date, number, material process of solid wood door or 100% solid wooden door is in a prominent position, as well as the bonding material, formaldehyde content. For wood composite materials such as density fiberboard, plywood, adhesive and other toxic and harmful substances, the provisions pointed out that must comply with national "interior decoration material, artificial board and its products, formaldehyde limited standards".
In the consumer market, the author found that, many industry market product labels are unclear signage, mostly only marked price and material, and "standard" requirement significant position clearly marked formaldehyde content, production date, whether 100% solid wood doors, etc. Yigai not described. Like the sample is called the solid wood composite door, the price of 1000 yuan, 3000 yuan, 5000 multivariate. The author also known as the "solid wood composite door" of a 3000 multivariate and a 5000 multivariate sample gate asked store personnel their difference, store staff to answer: "different process, expensive for European style, carving requirements are complex, simple lines of cheaper, suitable for general modern home style." And when the door of the profile sample, formaldehyde emissions, etc., the store staff said it is unclear, the profile can not provide the sample.
Overall, the doors of the smaller size, the degree of mechanization is not high, the quality of staff and production efficiency is relatively low, the product homogeneity is relatively serious. Industry summary, the door industry competition, in the final analysis or brand competition, channel competition, service competition. The brand is the consumer concern, also is the enterprise survival and the development core.
Beijing Longfa decoration company design director Zhang Pengbo revealed at present on the market Jiezhuang consumers, mostly choose products according to some advertising, for door type, material, color, most do not quite understand, by sales personnel and one mouth. In the door consumption, because the consumer does not understand the professional knowledge, and between the doors of product differentiation itself and cannot be by sense to judge, for the difference between the wood species, professional personnel are difficult to distinguish, not to mention ordinary consumers. For example, the same decorative panels of the same door, which used in different materials, prices may vary from several hundred dollars or more thousand dollars.
Brand relative chaos insiders revealed that the industry market capacity is increasing, gave birth to the many large and small wooden door enterprises "rise", conflicts, resulting in a cohabitation situation. Due to the market lower barriers to entry. Nowadays, most of the production enterprises are non pipelined and non scale production, some local market small store sales of doors, there is no way to elaborate the enterprise qualification, low price to 200 yuan per fan, disturbed the normal market doors.
In some industry view,