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From the traditional to the transformation of intelligent door manufacturing

2017-05-01 Source::

China Building Decoration Materials Association to participate in the revised new GB "wooden doors and windows," the spring group, China building materials certification & Inspection Group Co., Ltd., Qunsheng group, Wanjia group 22 Cenbian units were commended. This embodies participants toil and sweat of the standard, in order to regulate the industry further development has made outstanding contributions. China Building Decoration Materials Association will also organize enterprises to actively promote the standardization construction of door industry, for future development to win more right to speak.
Show doors and windows curtain wall future development trend
What is the new trend of the future development of China's door and window curtain wall market? China Association of building decoration materials door and window curtain wall Branch Advisory Mou Xiaosheng, Kincaid Group Co., Ltd. chairman Chen Lixin, Maanshan Iron and steel and the European state company vice chairman Zhang Liping, etc. from the industries and enterprises of the professional elite, respectively from the door manufacturing, materials, technology, brand building, marketing, share the industry development of the latest technology and trends.
Jin Xiufeng Xu Chunhua, argues that although the downturn in the domestic real estate industry to industry enterprise development affected, but with the steady development of the national economy, improve the standard of living of the people, to speed up the process of urbanization and new rural reconstruction is bound to increase industry, market need. Residential consumption is still in a period of time in China long-term sustainable consumption hot spots, accordingly, doors will have sustainable development. For the domestic market, the future of door window and curtain wall industry, the scientific and technological content of products requirements higher; in terms of quality, will also pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection; in appearance, personalized design will become a trend. And for the domestic market, due to the industry of our country is still in the initial stage of the export, in the international market has a great potential and export development of promising. It is worth mentioning is that whether it is for the domestic market and foreign market demand, the future market demand door window and curtain wall industry in brand building to further enhance the brand will become a powerful weapon to win the competition.
Trend means that the development of the development will bring innovation. "After 30 years of development, doors and windows curtain wall industry will enter a new stage of development." China Building Decoration Materials Association executive vice president and Secretary General Ren Changqing said 2015 will bring more new opportunities for door curtain wall industry. With the advance of the depth of 125 planning of the industry product environmental protection requirements and policies for sustainable development, energy saving and environmental protection type door products will in future occupy greater market space, will also be more in line with the policy to guide the mainstream direction. The state guarantees continued implementation of housing construction, new rural construction, will bring more opportunities for the development of the industry.